Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
(Conditions apply once invoice is signed or Goods placed on property or both)

  • All benches remain the property of “Bench & Patio Africa PTY LTD” until paid for in full.
  • All benches under warranty will be collected, repaired and returned at no cost. (only if we delivered) Benches collected from Factory must be returned for repairs and collected if under warranty.
  • All benches purchased on a lay-bye basis must be paid for in full before it is manufactured or delivered, refunds are not allowed on lay-byes’ at all.
  • Benches delivered must be inspected and signed for on delivery to confirm all is in order and in good condition. No claims are permitted thereafter.
  • Proof of payment must be provided to the driver prior to offloading the Benches. Cash , Cheque (not postdated or error correction ) or Eft proof is acceptable
  • “Bench and Patio Africa PTY LTD” is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury to property or person upon delivery. The Staff of Bench and Patio Africa are not legally allowed to park their vehicle or carry any benches on to the recipient property. Permission must be granted at owner’s risk.
  • Any RD or Post dated cheques banked will carry an additional minimum cost of R195.00 to cover bank charges.
  • Any orders placed have a cool off period of 5 days by law. After that period it is binding and the deposit is not refundable at all.
  • Any goods not collected or delivered as arranged after 14 days will be sold to recover costs.
  • All orders are manufactured according to client’s requirements and therefore are custom made.
  • "Bench and Patio Africa PTY LTD'" does not have credit facilities and therefore are strictly COD.
  • Payment not received for whatever reason will be treated as breach of Company- Client contract and the goods will be removed from Clients property at any time without Clients permission.
  • "Bench and Patio Africa PTY LTD" reserves the right to lodge any non paying Clients’ Name or Business with a Credit Bureau when all communication fails.

As prescribed by the national Credit Act of South Africa and Bench and Patio Africa PTY LTD terms & conditions. 1/03/2009