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Established in 1989 by Victor-Mills Warrington, a timber technologist born and raised in the Winelands of Stellenbosch, Bench & Patio Africa is a venture with a unique backstory.

Beyond his professional background, Victor-Mills Warrington is celebrated as an accomplished windsurfer, dedicating years to beach life where he was deeply moved by the disheartening sight of litter and plastic pollution tarnishing our once-pristine coastlines. Presently, an skilled fisherman, he has rescued numerous marine creatures ensnared in plastic at sea, a journey that organically led him into the production of eco-friendly furniture crafted from recycled plastics.

Our journey continues with the production of over 1,000,000 benches within our Cape Town and Johannesburg facilities, which are now finding their way to various international destinations, including England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Angola, Botswana, the East African islands, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Namibia and Qatar.

These benches are conveniently kit packed and designed for straightforward assembly, making them ideal for export. In our craftsmanship, we utilize tropical pine, specifically Patula and Meranti, with the option for tanalith-treated timber available upon request for an additional 20%.

The designs adhere to rigorous engineering standards and local health regulations, with most being registered with the Department of Trade and Industry, a measure we take to protect our customers from unscrupulous imitators using subpar local timber and hastily assembled components.

A source of pride is our commitment to using plantation-grown timber, promoting sustainability and reforestation efforts.

We also champion inclusivity by selecting our staff from the underprivileged sectors of society, offering them opportunities for personal and professional growth, a reflection of our ethos and values.

"We thrive on their achievements"

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